Three Reasons For Keeping A Couple Of Heavy Duty Air Compressors On Your Construction Site

Much of the early work on a construction site involves heavy construction equipment such as backhoes and cranes. However, as your crew continues along in their work, the tools and equipment they use are smaller and more portable. They require both a power source (electricity) and a pressure source (air, water, manual strength). Air compressors can not only be the driving power behind much equipment on your work site, but they can also be of use in several other ways. Here are three reasons for keeping more than one heavy duty air compressor on your construction site.

Re-Inflate Construction Truck Tires

The construction trucks you have that have oversized tires for wading through mud an over debris can fail just like the tires on passenger cars. If you are without the means to get a truck with a flat tire to a heavy duty truck repair shop, the compressor could re-inflate it and keep it inflated until you can swap the affected truck out for a new one. It can also re-inflate the tire just long enough to load the truck onto a flatbed transport. Since these oversized tires require a lot of air, only a heavy duty air compressor would be effective.

Supply Air to Power Tools Without Stopping

A standard air compressor eventually runs out of air. That is the nature of their tanks. Their hoses may also encounter multiple failures as they might be cut, run over, or frequently disconnected. With a commercial-strength air compressor, the hoses are thicker and stronger, the air and pressure lasts longer, and everything from jackhammers to steel bolt drivers are powered by these compressors. If you need to run more than one hose to a tool, you need more than one air compressor on site or you may have several guys standing around waiting for the one, on-site compressor. Keep the work going by keeping more than one compressor at the ready.

Sand or Sandblast with Ease

While air compressors are commonly used to power tools or inflate inflatables, it is common to forget that they can also act as air sanders. When connected to a blaster wand, your crewmembers can shape, sand and smooth rough spots on many types of construction materials. If you already have one air compressor in use with another tool on the job, you should have another air compressor on hand to use as this type of sander. Contact a business, such as Compressed Air Systems, for more information.