Signs That Your Hydraulic Cylinder Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

If you have a hydraulic cylinder that has not been functioning properly you could be wondering whether or not it should be repaired or replaced.  Here are a few instances in which a hydraulic cylinder requires attention. In some cases, only a repair may be needed. In others, a full replacement is necessary.

The hydraulic cylinder has become leaky.

When hydraulic fluid starts to leak underneath the gland, or when there is moisture coating the piston rod, it could indicate that seals are not working effectively. There are gland repair kits that are available to help remedy the problem. However, before you replace or repair a gland, be sure to inspect the cylinder carefully to try to determine the reason that the deterioration has occurred. Sometimes, if a mounting in the gland is not properly aligned or has already started to wear away, it will cause replacement parts to deteriorate rapidly.

Prior to completing a repair of a cylinder, be sure to identify any areas that are worn away. If there are multiple areas that have worn away significantly, replacement of the cylinder may be your best option.

The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is marred or buckled.

When you inspect the piston rod, if there are signs that it has been deeply scratched or mangled, the amount of work on the hydraulic cylinder will be extensive. Thus, replacing the cylinder may be the most cost-effective option. In addition, if the hydraulic cylinder rod has started to buckle, replacement is best.

As you review the state of the piston rod, consider what may have caused the scoring or bending of the rod. If the strength of the piston rod is not sufficient to handle the load, that could be one reason for the issues. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder should be in proper alignment with the load, so that the load is not push the cylinder to the side.

The mountings are no longer in good condition.

Although there are various types of mountings available for hydraulic cylinders, the mountings that are a fixed in place help keep the bolts secure. There should be no movement between the surfaces of fixed mountings.

In the case of pivot mountings, there must be enough lubrication to ensure that the mountings can operate properly. If the mountings of a hydraulic cylinder are apparently worn, they can cause a cylinder to become misaligned. Thus, worn out mountings should be replaced or repaired quickly.

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