Three Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Used Heavy Construction Equipment For Sale Over The Internet

When you are looking at used heavy construction equipment for sale, it is not a good idea to buy it over the internet or sight unseen. Despite the fact that you can get a really good deal on any equipment that is advertised this way, you should make every effort to check out the equipment before you pay for it. Here are three reasons why you should not buy heavy construction equipment without physically checking it out first.

The Possibility of a Scam

You could email someone back and forth for days while deciding whether or not to buy the backhoe or front loader he/she has for sale. Still, there would be no way to prove that there is an actual piece of equipment until you see it for yourself. Despite human nature and the fact that most people want to be trusting of others, especially during the negotiation and sale of such a large object, there will still be a handful of people attempting to scam you. Ask to drive out and check out the piece of equipment in person. If the drive is too far, look closer to home so that you can check out the items for sale, and if a seller says that you cannot see the equipment or he or she does not have time to show it to you, definitely look elsewhere.

The Possibility of Dysfunctional Equipment

Even an honest seller may sell you equipment that works on his or her property, but a week later that same piece of equipment is having mechanical issues on your job site. Not only should you personally check out each piece of used construction equipment that you want to buy, but you should also have a heavy equipment mechanic check it out before you sign over the money. That way you are not paying over the internet (or even in person) for equipment that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix just a short time after you have purchased it.

The Possibility of Additional Shipping Expenses Not Previously Mentioned

Another reason for not purchasing equipment over the internet or sight unseen is that sometimes sellers forget to post how the equipment will get to your office location or job site. You may have to pay additional shipping charges that were not part of the original advertisement, or you may have to hire/rent a flatbed truck and try to retrieve the equipment yourself. How much of a good deal is that piece of equipment when you have to pay previously undisclosed shipping charges? Instead, buy used heavy construction equipment from a local dealer who will show you exactly what the cost of the equipment is, plus any shipping charges if you choose to have the dealer bring the equipment to you.