4 Ways To Keep Your Construction Office Trailers Safe

When you are working on a large job site, it is common to rent a trailer to keep on the job site to use as an on-site office. An on-site office can make it easier to handle all the paperwork that comes with a big construction job. An on-site office can also provide you with a place to meet with vendors, sellers, and inspectors who come to the job site.

If you are going to set up an office trailer on your construction site, you are going to want to make sure that you take steps to keep the trailer safe and secure.

Choose a Secure Location

First off, you want to put the trailer in a secure location where it will not get in the way of the construction work that is being done. The parking lot of the area where the construction is being done is a good idea, and so is the area where the yard or green space will go when the construction project is completed. Make sure that the site is flat and away from active construction equipment and work.

Install Locks

Second, you want to make sure that it is hard for people who shouldn't have access to get into the trailer, especially after hours. The best way to keep the trailer safe is with a sturdy lock.

If you are able to modify the trailer at all, you should put deadbolts on all the trailer doors. Deadbolts are the strongest type of lock that you can put on any door.

Put in Window Screens

Construction trailers often come with windows that do not have screens on them. To keep people from coming in through the window, put security screens in place. Security screens are stronger than typical window screens. They are much harder to break through, and they look a lot more attractive than bars over the windows.

Add Some Lights

If you are really worried about break-ins, be sure to add some lights to the outside of the trailer. When people break in, they want to do it without being spotted, which can be difficult when you have outside lights. Put a light at the entrance and near all of the windows as well. Use lights that are really bright, such as halogen lights. You can also use motion sensor lights if you don't want the lights on all the time.

Keep your construction trailer safe by putting it in a secure location, adding deadbolts and security screens, and installing some lights around the outside of the trailer.