Is Your Crane Acting Up? Find Your Solutions Here

If you depend on a crane for many of your construction jobs, you want the machine to be safe and secure enough to use at any given time. However, cranes can become unsafe to use if they experience regular mechanical and electrical problems. Find the solutions you need for your ailing crane below.

Diagnose Your Crane

Cranes come with numerous intricate parts, including steel cables, motor drives, and counterweights. The parts work in unison to control and direct the crane's boom, or arm. If the mechanisms that control the boom rust or break, the boom can give out when you least expect it to. You want to diagnose, or inspect, every area of your crane before it causes problems for you.

If you don't have the expertise to inspect your crane, have a heavy equipment repair company do it for you. A repair company can check the:

  • wires and cables for frays, corrosion, and excessive wear and tear
  • wheels for abnormal noises and movements
  • loading hooks for cracks, rust, and stretching
  • boom and hydraulic system for drifting, lifting, and lowering problems

A repair company may perform numerous other checks on your crane to why it acts up. A company can use the performance check to repair your crane.

Repair Your Crane

The repairs for your crane may depend on a number of things, including the crane's age and overall condition. If the crane's problems are too great or significant to repair, a company may suggest you scrap the equipment and replace it with something more reliable. Don't hesitate to ask a repair company for information on where to find your new equipment.

If the problems in your crane are fixable, a company will:

  • replace the wires, cables, and load hooks
  • lubricate and realign the wheels
  • align the arm and repair the hydraulic system

A contractor may suggest other repairs for your cranes. You may wish to make all of the repairs at once to save time and money later. If you wait to fix the issues, they may become severe enough to damage the entire crane. So keep this in mind when you consult a repair company.

After the repairs, a company may test your crane to see if it operates properly. If anything occurs during the test, a heavy equipment repair company can address the issue immediately. 

Don't wait until your crane breaks down or worse. Contact crane services today.